10 steps natural and healthy diet

10 steps natural and healthy diet. Diet is the sum of food consumed by a person or organism. This type of diet is influenced by the background of individual origin or beliefs of a particular society embraced. Although humans are essentially omnivorous, a community group usually have a preference or dietary restrictions against certain types of food.

10 steps natural and healthy diet

Different in the mention in some countries, in the language of Indonesia, said the diet more often intended to mean an attempt to lose weight or manage the intake of certain nutrients.

Indeed, we want fast weight down and be slim, but dietary changes drastically what else to eat at risk exposed to health disorders. In addition, unhealthy endeavor also did not allow for healthy lifestyle changes for the sake of maintaining the stability of the ideal body weight in a long period.

And then how many weight reduction is recommended? Between a half up to one kilogram a week only, the calculation that is half a kilogram of fat = 3,500 calories so if you want to lose half a kilogram of body weight, mean in a day at minimum there must be 500 calories burned.

The following natural diet and correct steps:

  1. Replace Carbs With complex carbohydrates
    Carbohydrates are sugars and energy source for the body so the body needs carbohydrate intake is sufficient. Usually carbohydrates obtained from rice, noodles, and more. It turns out that food is difficult to be absorbed by the body so that the piling into fat. Therefore, replace carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat, brown rice, nuts, cereals and more because it is more easily absorbed by the body into energy needed by the body.
  2. Select the Food Prepared in a certain way
    You’d be better off eating foods that are processed by means of steamed or boiled rather than fried foods. Steamed or boiled foods have more nutritional content than foods that are fried in hot oil. Especially fried foods usually contain saturated fats and high in calories.
  3. Reduce consumption of Food Packaging
    The food is ready, food packaging, and fried foods contain high calories and fat, not to mention the preservatives and salt. So there should be reduced or avoided when you are trying to go on a diet is healthy and natural.
  4. Consume plenty of water White
    Many health practitioners have always advocated to reproduce consuming much white water, i.e. at least 8 glasses per day. Reproduce white water consumption can reduce the risk of dehydration, in addition it is also effective for weight loss because of the stomach will be full so that you will feel full despite not eating.

  5. Consuming Foods rich in fiber
    One of the ways natural diet in 1 week is by eating foods rich in as well. These foods are able to lose weight fast and healthy. Fiber-rich foods can be obtained from fruit and vegetables, including potatoes, broccoli, spinach, green vegetables other, guavas, pears, and bananas.
  6. Define the Target
    Small targets can be started as a first step to weight loss, for example if you like fried foods, snacking from now on intentions to stop or reduce the fried snacks.
  7. Sports
    One of the activities that must be performed when the diet is sports. Do regular exercise to burn fat in the body to lose weight. An effective exercise to lose weight that is jog, walk, aerobic gymnastics, or other sports. If you don’t have much time then take your time to walk up the stairs like while in the Office, do not use the elevator because with stairs can burn the fat in the body quickly.
  8. Consumption of Pistachio Nuts
    Maybe not all people often hear the pistachio nuts. Usually this type of bean grown in dry areas such as Turkmenistan, Iran and West Azerbajian. Pistachio Nuts are relatively more expensive than the type of nuts in the other. Protein in bladder pistachio nuts is the best source of protein that is very low in calories. So, if you have more money there is no harm in trying this food as one of the ways natural diet.
  9. Consume Foods which are able to Burn body fat
    Here are some types of food are effective to burn body fat quickly and this is how natural diet without exercise:

    Fruit berry: there are several types of fruit berry that is effective for weight loss, namely bluberry, raspberry, and strawberry. All kinds of fruit berry is low in calories and contain flavonoids consumed so it fits for diet program. In addition, this fruit also contains antioxidants that are able to ward off free radicals.

    Egg: egg is one of the types of foods that are rich in protein and low in calories so many health practitioners who recommend consuming the eggs while on a diet.

    Yogurt: Yogurt is one of the healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and low in fat. If the yogurt regularly consume each day can lower the levels of fat in the belly as much as 81%.

    Green tea: the drink that is consumed by the majority of people be a type of tea, but tea is effective for weight loss that is commonly referred to as green tea or tea with olong. Green tea can increase metabolic processes in the body so that the burning of body fat more quickly. So if you want to lose weight quickly than the regular consumption of green tea every day to get maximum results.

  10. Set the content of the Food on the plate
    You should do is rearrange the food on his plate. The point is to meet one-third of the plate you with low-fat foods like fish, poultry, or meat without fat. In addition, multiply the fruits and vegetables and nuts. Select also the source of a more healthy carbohydrates such as potatoes and brown rice. If love fruit, choose not too sweet like avocados, to

Maybe that’s a little tip about 10 steps natural and healthy diet digestion may be beneficial and useful for your health problems.

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