3 medicinal plants to lower stomach acid

3 medicinal plants to lower stomach acid. Some typical symptoms of excess stomach acid most commonly found is the nausea, heartburn, bloating, excess gas and stomach discomfort after eating. If you often experience symptoms like this your chances of suffering from the disease of excess stomach acid (ulcer). To ensure a good idea to check with your doctor first.

3 medicinal plants to lower stomach acid

Then, what exactly is causing stomach acid rise? According to experts, the less food intake good like food containing high acid levels can trigger increased production of gastric acid in the stomach, in addition to unhealthy life pattern and not as regular as often experience stress and habits smoking can also cause stomach acid disorders

The following medicinal plants which can relieve stomach acid include:

  1. Turmeric
    The properties of turmeric can heal the wound has been reported since 1953. Case study for abdominal pain due to peptic ulcers that have been carried out, after 12 weeks of treatment, 88% of patients who received the turmeric pills (3 pills, which is equivalent to 4 g) showed significant improvements.

    Here’s how:
    – Prepare more or less 2 fingers turmeric.
    – Cleaned, peeled and shredded, and plus the boiled water.
    – After that, squeezed through a clean cloth.
    – The result was silenced and taken the waters.
    – In a day drink 2 times, each one herb.
    – Drink it in the morning before eating and night before going to bed.

  2. Green Beans
    Green beans are also very useful for the treatment of heartburn because it can thicken the lining of the stomach. In addition, it could also neutralize excess stomach acid levels. How to consume enough to eat pureed green beans without homemade coconut milk. Do not try to cook it too longs. Eat the porridge in the morning and evening routines.
  3. Kaempferia galanga

    Here’s how:
    – Take approximately one finger Rhizome.
    – The Rhizome is washed clean peeled and chewed with salt as necessary.
    – After finely chewed, swallowed, then drinking Kaempferia galanga warm water.
    – Do 3 times in a day on a regular basis.

Maybe that’s a little tip about 3 medicinal plants to lower stomach acid digestion may be beneficial and useful for your health problems.

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