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Trending Designs of Windows

You need sufficient windows for your home for you to have adequate ventilation and light. The design of the windows enhance the beauty of the architectural design of your structure. These trendy window designs are suitable for buildings of different architectural designs.

A crank is used to pivot the awning window from the top of the sash when you need to open it out. Awning windows are paired with large picture windows. Ventilation is achieved when awning windows are placed along the sides, at the bottom or top of a picture window. Like the transom windows, these types of windows can be installed above the doors. They are not recommended to be placed areas where people frequently pass because they open out and can hurt people.

The side hinges are used to rotate the casement windows to open out; thus, they are also not suitable to be placed near walkways. The casement windows have large-sized window panes to allow enough light and air circulation inside the house.

Enhance the security of your loved ones using egress windows. There are many emergency cases that may obscure you from getting to the doors in time; therefore, have a few egress windows on your building. They are installed at the basement.

You may be familiar with the single-hung and double-hung windows because they are common. The single-hung window has a fixed upper sash, and a movable lower sash whereas the double-hung window has only movable sashes. There is a natural flow of air in and out of the room through the lower and upper opening respectively. Double-hung windows are cleaned inside and out without the need to clean from the inside.
Picture windows do not open therefore you need them only if there is sufficient ventilation for air circulation in and out of the room. There is minimal air leakage when you use picture windows and like operable ones.

Bay windows are used for decoration because they enable architects to create corners and projections on the building.You can open them for ventilation and lighting because they allow light to enter at different angles.

The sideways of the slider windows are slide opened. You will have cleared views and ventilation but you cannot seal them tightly.

Glass block windows are most added to a section of the home for increasing flow of light. Enough light comes into the room through the patterns adorning the glass block windows. Basements, bathrooms and other private areas are installed with glass block windows for privacy.

Jalousie windows are the solution for buildings in warm-weather areas. You can open the glass sets in the metal clips like louvers. There are limited views with the jalousie windows but enough ventilation because they are narrow.

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