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Finding Your Happiness

In honor of March being National Happiness Month, we wanted to write a post about why happiness is simple to achieve, yet so elusive for us all, and some tips to actually help you find what makes you happy. Though happiness can’t be bought, we sure do try! Not in a bad way, there are things we love doing which Read More

Tips on Saving Money at the Dentist

Everyone wants to save money, especially at the dentist. You have dental insurance, but it seems like it just doesn’t cover much. What can you do to keep dental costs down? The following four tips can help you save money at your next visit. #1 – Maintenance is the name of the game Dental insurance rewards healthy mouths. This is Read More

Is Your Mental Health Influenced by What Goes On in Your Mouth?

Almost everyone has heard that your dental health is also tied to the health of you heart. But did you know that your dental health can also affect your mental health? Crazy as it may seem, but researchers are finding links between chronic periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s disease.[1]The culprit? Porphyromonas gingivalis, the prevalent microbe that causes gum disease. It is Read More

What Every Mom Needs to Know

Mother’s Day is almost upon us. In case you have forgotten, this year it is May 8th. That’s a Sunday which is now less than two weeks away! Mothers everywhere should be celebrated and the ground they walk upon worshipped. Do you know what mothers have to put up with? Recently, there was a Tumblr postabout the six types of Read More

How Your Teeth Affect Your Emotional Health

A little while ago, we wroteabout how the bacteria in your mouth can affect your mental health. Researchers have found links between periodontal disease and neurodegeneration. But, your mouth can also give intricate details about your emotional state as well. Did you know a dentist can tell you are stressed out? Your dentist is amazing! We naturally agree with this Read More