Benefits of peanuts to body health

Benefits of peanuts to body health. Peanut (Arachis hypogaea l.) is a plant legumes or members of the Fabaceae legumes are cultivated, as well as being the second most important legume after the soybean in Indonesia. Plants originating from the American continent, it grows in clumps of 30 to 50 cm tall (1 to 1½ feet) with small leaves are clustered compounds.

Benefits of peanuts to body health

This plant is one of two types of cultivated plants in addition to peanuts bogor, Voandziea subterranean the fruit cooking experience under the soil surface. If the young fruit is exposed to light, seed maturation process is interrupted

Some people prefer calling it the ‘ nut ‘, just that. Peanuts now you can indulge in a wide array of specialties, from jams to sambal. In addition, it seemed that favors, benefits of peanuts when consumed any time you need to know.

  1. Lose weight
    A study conducted by O’Byrne DJ successfully reveals that consuming nuts for six months, were able to lose weight the participants of three kilograms. Participants in this study is the women who are menopausal. This happens because there is a decrease in the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, after which the participants ‘ diets are consuming foods low in monounsaturated fats rich in oleic acid content of peanuts.

    The research was supported by research conducted by Alper CM reveals that eating nuts is able to make you feel satisfied so that it reduces your desire for another snack snacking. Research conducted by Alper is also adding that consuming beans, make your body absorb the 66 percent of energy contained by the nut but do not then raise your weight even though only one kilogram.

    In addition, protein and monounsaturated fats that are owned by peanuts, are able to trigger the release of the body’s energy increases up to 11 percent after consuming peanuts for 19 weeks.

  2. Heart Health
    Research conducted by the Guasch-Ferre concluded that the granting of a supplement containing the nuts to 7,216 men and women aged 55 to 80 years of age are able to reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease by up to 34 percent since the substance that is rich in magnesium, which is believed to be capable of coping with cancer, heart and other diseases that can lead to death.

    This supported a study adding that consuming beans for 30 weeks, was able to lower the triglycerides of 24 percent and raising the levels of magnesium in the body which is able to lower the risk of exposure to disease kardioveskuler of the body You.

  3. Health of bile
    Based on research conducted by Tsai CJ to some participants that recently showed symptoms of developing gallstones show that regularly consume about five ounces of nuts per week, managed to lose the participants the opportunity of developing gallstones. Compared to consume less than one ounce for one month, or even not taking it at all.

    Generally, gallstones occur due to a buildup of cholesterol in bile you. But the beans contain the able to control cholesterol levels in the body. This is in accordance with the research conducted by Lokko P, who added that consume regularly over the past eight weeks, were able to decrease the total cholesterol levels (7.2 percent) and triglycerides (20 percent) in the body.

Maybe that’s a little tip about Benefits of peanuts to body health digestion may be beneficial and useful for your health problems.

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