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Happy Halloween!!!

We all think this, but actually, Halloween – or All Hallows Eve – has its roots in a long ago ancient tradition that celebrated one’s ancestors and the belief that on October 31st, their spirits would rise and walk their ancestral streets again. The peoples of that time would put food and drink (treats) out for the spirits to enjoy. Read More

The Invisibles

Thanksgiving is an incredible time of family, feasting, Black Friday, and football. It’s also the month we all thought the temps would drop, but it is Texas and obviously, high 80s/low 90s are the norm! November is usually a month we think about the things we are grateful or thankful for. We are all super thankful that Doc Marquis is Read More

Holiday Dental Fun

Christmas is the best time of the year Packed stores, gifts galore, and tons of Christmas cheer! Children can’t wait to meet Santa Or try to espy his tiny eight reindeer. But what do dentists wish at Christmas? A puppy? A kitten? What about a hippopotamus? Probably to be greeted with a smile And not another grimace.  Maybe they want Read More

Sugar is the Enemy

For the month of January, we’d like to talk about the negative effects of sugar on your health. Seeing as this is the month of trying to work towards better health and getting it under control, we thought we’d provide extra incentive in cutting back on the sweet treats. Americans eat at least 22 teaspoons of sugar a day.[i] 22! That’s Read More

The Link Between Your Teeth and Your Heart

February is heart health month and we thought we’d give you a reminder about why you seriously need to get your oral health under control. Now, we know we have told you plenty of times that your teeth are a window to your health. Your mouth plays an important part of your overall health. Researchers have yet to find the Read More