Garlic benefits for the health of the body

Garlic benefits for the health of the body. Garlic (Allium sativum; United Kingdom: garlic) is a plant of the genus Allium at once the name of tuber produced has a history of use by humans for over 7,000 years, especially growing up in Central Asia, and has long been a grocery in the area around the Mediterranean Sea, as well as spices common in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Garlic benefits for the health of the body

Known in ancient Egypt, the entry is used as both a mix of cuisines and treatment. Bulbs of garlic plant is the main ingredient to spice up a basic cuisine of Indonesia.

In addition to powerful as seasoning Cook, garlic to ward off the potent also turned out to be some kind of disease. However, how to eat garlic for health it may be unusual for you. You are encouraged to eat raw garlic, without the cooked or processed first.

After hearing myriad drank here, you will not hesitate to immediately consume raw garlic.

The following are the benefits of garlic for health:

  1. Lower your cancer risk
    Raw garlic is rich in sulfur compounds bioaktif. According to the National Cancer Institute in the United States, the compound could prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body. This is because sulfur bioaktif function to fix or kill body cells that protect the body from damage, carcinogens, and inhibit the spread of unhealthy cells.

    Various scientific research around the world has proven the benefits of eating raw garlic to kill or reduce the many types of cancer cells such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer.

  2. Lowers cholesterol levels
    According to a study published in the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, taking at least 10 grams of raw garlic every day for two months managed to help lower cholesterol levels.

    Other studies conducted by experts in Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences also reveals that eating raw garlic was able to increase the levels of good cholesterol while lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body. To get the conclusion, participants study published in the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is asked to consume 10 grams of raw garlic for 42 days.

  3. Preventing and controlling high blood pressure hypertension
    The content of polisulfida in raw garlic proves to be able to control the blood pressure for patients with hypertension. According to a scientific journal Maturity, polisulfida will help relieve and opens the blood vessels so that the pressure doesn’t get too large. No wonder if eating raw garlic for three months it turns can lower blood pressure by approximately 10 mmHg.
  4. Prevent heart disease
    The good news comes from a study published in The Journal of Nutrition. In the study, disclosed that raw garlic can help reduce the buildup of plaque in the coronary arteries, i.e. blood vessels pumping blood to the heart.

    Eating raw garlic regularly is also effective to prevent the formation of plaque buildup and on a coronary artery. It is certainly very useful for those of you who have various types of disorders of the heart and the metabolic system.

  5. Relieve infections, inflammations, and colds
    Share a fairly common ailment turns out to be appeased with the help of raw garlic allicin rich. Active allicin compound found in garlic have antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal a powerful kill a variety of organisms that can cause disease.

    A study in the journal Advances in Therapy proves that eating raw garlic in the flu season can increase the durability of the body while simultaneously preventing the disease.

Maybe that’s a little tip about Garlic benefits for the health of the body digestion may be beneficial and useful for your health problems.

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