How to get rid of body odor not tasty

How to get rid of body odor not tasty. Body odor is a classic problem experienced by almost everyone. However, these are not things that can keep left. No foul body odor can interfere with social life and your sex life together spouses. So it must be treated immediately.

How to get rid of body odor not tasty

The cause of most major body odor is sweat mixed with bacteria.

Hygiene is very important to be safeguarded in the case of body odor. However, there are some congenital condition that makes a person more susceptible to suffer body odor. A series of risk factor, among others:

  • Body Odor
  • Obesity/excess weight.
  • The habit of eating a diet rich in herbs with strong aromas.
  • The drugs routinely consumed.
  • Cleanliness of the body that are less secure.
  • Located in the humid and hot environment, so the production of sweat into excess. Hot and humid environment will make the bacteria also grow better, so that it can make sweat more quickly decompose and smell.
  • Clothing worn can also affect body odor, for example synthetic materials that don’t absorb sweat.

The following tips eliminate odors do not foul on our bodies, among others:

  1. Keep your body hygiene
    The first and main thing to be aware of if you want to overcome body odor is noticed the cleanliness of the body as a whole. You can do it with a shower two or three times a day. Bathing too often not recommended because it will erode the natural moisture of the skin.
  2. Pay attention to food
    Some types of foods can cause body odor, for example, raw onion, garlic, spicy foods, coconut milk, Curry. Start expand eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables will help launch the metabolism of the body.
  3. Change clothes
    Use clothes that are already three days not washed, the course will spread the odor from your body while you’ve been showered with clean. If you often sweat, use clothes that are made from absorb perspiration. So bacteria didn’t get mixed with sweat.
  4. Shave armpit hairs
    Armpit hair actually serves to keep the moisture of the area of the armpit. However, the armpit hairs that are too heavy can be a hotbed for sweat and bacteria that causes body odor. Shaving armpit hairs that are too heavy can help reduce causes of body odor.
  5. Use a deodorant
    If necessary, use deodorant after bathing to keep armpits stay dry and prevent the development of bacteria.
  6. Antiseptic Soap
    Using an antiseptic SOAP on the area of the armpit and groin during bathing can also kill bacteria and helps you avoid the body odor.
  7. Natural ingredients
    Some people use natural ingredients to eliminate body odor. Such as drinking boiled water is betel leaf. There are also using decoction of turmeric and Palm sugar.

Maybe that’s a little tip about How to get rid of body odor not tasty digestion may be beneficial and useful for your health problems.

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