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STDs: Why Does the Dentist Need to Know?

We would like to talk to you about something that is quite taboo, but very necessary. We are all adults here, so no giggling! If you follow our Facebook, page, we posted a couple of pieces on sexually transmitted infections, or STIs as the kids say today. Why does your dentist want to discuss this? Well, it is because it Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Do At-Home DIY Teeth Whitening…

Why You Shouldn’t Do At-Home DIY Teeth Whitening… Bright, white teeth signal health, vitality, youth, and offer an allure to everyone. (Combine that with a razor sharp smile, and you have definitely got it going on!) Yellowed or stained teeth can certainly age you and make you self-conscious about your smile. Tooth staining is natural over time. Coffee, tea, red Read More

The Wisdom Teeth Debate

Back in the dark ages of dentistry and dental practices, wisdom teeth, or our third molars, were viewed as strange leftovers of our ancestral past that serve no function or purpose that we know of – much like an appendix or the arrector pili muscles in the skin. Well, they are still viewed that way, but their treatment protocols have Read More

Sports Drinks Have Their Place…

With the heat of summer already here and many of us spending time outdoors, a lot of people turn to sports drinks as a way to keep hydrated and refreshed while enjoying outdoor activities. However, those sports drinks are not as healthy as many people believe, especially when it comes to your teeth and gums. Sports drinks have their place, Read More

Your Teeth Dictate Your Dental Cleaning Options

Did you know that the health of your teeth dictate the type of dental cleaning you receive? Yuppers. It starts like this… You notice one day while doing your daily flossing (Daily? Insert laughter here) that you have some bleeding and maybe a one or two teeth are a little loose. You’re somewhat concerned because you are a grown adult Read More