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Floss or Else!

How many times do we hear from the dentist that we need to floss and brush twice a day? Every six months, right? And sure, we’re good at following that advice for a nanosecond and then we’re back to infrequent flossing or even skipping entirely. But why does the dentist tell us to floss – and not once, but twice Read More

We Are a Nation of Immigrants

As an immigrant, it amazes me how people can spew such bitterness and contempt upon a subject they do not really know too much about. It is unfortunate that today’s political climate is such that I feel both frightened for future and my children’s’ futures, but also for the country as a whole. We have seemed to have forgotten that Read More

Summer Dental Tips

With summer comes a time for letting go of the school year rushing about and settling into relaxation – well, until the kids are bored after three weeks and you’ve given up trying to make sure the summer slide doesn’t happen. One of the biggest summer slides is usually dental hygiene. With later bedtimes and lax food guidelines, many kids Read More

The Case for Dental Sealants

Summer seems to be the time when kids come in packs to the dentist. We know it’s easier getting everyone together when you’re on the same schedule – which in summer, means no schedule! If you have younger children whose back molars have completely emerged, you’ve probably had the dentist recommend sealants for them. We’re pretty sure you’re probably wondering Read More

Your Mouth

Your mouth is absolutely astounding when you think about – and we aren’t being biased just because we love teeth! Think about it! It is the gateway to getting nutrients into the body. Your teeth have to break down food with chewing while your salivary glands release enzymes to help start breaking those carb molecules down. Plus, our taste buds Read More