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Water apple benefits for skin health

Water apple benefits for skin health. Water apple is a plant fruits that are often found around the home page. The plant itself Syzygium aqueum is a plant originating from the region of southeast asia. Therefore, this fruit is so easy when we encounter the fruit season is underway. The fruit of Water applehave sweet and sour flavor that is very refreshing Read More

The benefits of olive oil for beauty and facial

The benefits of olive oil for beauty and facial. Olive oil has long been used as part of a healthy diet, especially for Mediterranean communities. If you’ve ever heard the term Mediterranean diet, then you certainly already familiar with olive oil. The Mediterranean diet is a diet that is one of the methods of using olive oil for food processing as Read More

The benefits of soy bean and its nutrition value

The benefits of soy bean and its nutrition value. Soy bean plant, is one of legumes which became basic ingredients many foods from East Asia like soy sauce, tahu, and tempe. Based on archaeological remains, this plant has been cultivated since 3500 years ago in East Asia. Soy is the main source of vegetable protein and vegetable oils of the Read More

Benefits of peanuts to body health

Benefits of peanuts to body health. Peanut (Arachis hypogaea l.) is a plant legumes or members of the Fabaceae legumes are cultivated, as well as being the second most important legume after the soybean in Indonesia. Plants originating from the American continent, it grows in clumps of 30 to 50 cm tall (1 to 1½ feet) with small leaves are Read More

5 ways to overcome bad breath naturally

5 ways to overcome bad breath naturally. No foul-smelling mouth surely will be very disruptive to your activity. This can reduce your confidence when discussing or conducting activities with others especially if the number of its people a lot. For those of you who often have bad breath but already diligent brushing my teeth have to be more alert, it is Read More